From the beginning of our activity we were concerned to ensure the highest standards for our activities and processes. We carry out the collection and acquisition activities on the grounds of the environmental authorisation granted by the National Environment Protection Agency for each county and based on the environmental study of impact realised by the Biological Research Institute of Cluj-Napoca. We organised acquisition centres in the field, based on agreements and approvals from local city halls and from the territorial administrations of natural parks.

We are looking carefully that collecting standard procedures, traceability and quality control in key points are strictly observed by all those implied within the technological flow.

We pay attention closely to the dry processing activity in order to ensure the optimal preservation of active substances and the minimum loss of product’s valuable characteristics. Packaging is carried out after a sorting process which implies, in its final part, manual sorting, so that the most optimal conditions are ensured for best storage for longer periods.

Currently we have authorised a range of over 120 products which are ECO certified by Ecoinspect Romania.