About us

Who Are We?


We are a young and fast emerging company and our main activity is the collection and the processing of plants and fruits from the Romanian spontaneous flora. 

Based in the north-western part of Romania, in Transylvania, we develop collecting and acquisition operations on an area of 25 counties in the northern, central and eastern regions of the country.  More than 5.000 persons / year are involved in our collecting operations. With a collecting area of more than 300,000 hectares, we collected more than 2,000 tons of raw products in 2014 (as opposed to almost 1,000 tons in 2013).

Business potential

Starting with September 2014 we enlarged considerably our own dry processing facilities, now having the capacity of processing between 10 and 25 tons of raw plants or fruits per day. In our delivery process we go through all staged from collecting from the field, drying, to grinding, packaging and delivery – aiming to ensure the best standards’ level for each process.

Our current customers are manufacturers from the European market, including Romania. 80% of our sales volume consists of exports. Our business vision is developing strong partnerships and representing an extension of our clients in matter of collecting and processing significant quantities with best efficiency.

Based on our own activity, but also on already developed business relations in the field, we are able to deliver a large scale of raw, dehydrated or frozen products.

Benefits for our Partners: 

  1. The best existing acquisition price – due to the fact that we are the first link in the collection and supply chain;
  2. Fast reaction time and quickness – through our extended collecting network and area and due to our processing capacity;
  3. Capability of delivering considerable quantities and fulfilling various requests – through our extended collecting network and area, as well as through the partnerships we have developed in the field;
  4. Delivery of products with superior quality –both regarding the content of active substances and nutrients and the standards of collecting, processing and storage processes. 

Our Mission 

We strongly believe that simple and natural things make life beautiful.

By our activity we are striving to have an active contribution to the improvement of well-being and to the quality of life, by promoting the consumption of products with a high content of active substances and nutrients. The main values that we promote are health and vigour, achieved by living closer to and in balance with nature.

Our Vision 

We strive to become a major player within the market of ecological wild-growing products, by continuously expanding and improving the company’s acquisition network and manufacturing processes. Our goal is to ensure, through active participation, that our country reaches its potential in this activity field.